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Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Rockadudes - "Boomerang!" (2015)

Back before I could even play an instrument, let alone understand music enough to actually write a song, my middle-school buddies and I put together a "band" called The Rockadudes.  Our music consisted of ridiculous, funny (at least to us) lyrics, shouted or sung to the best of our abilities to improvised percussion (banging on chairs, pots and pans, any household objects we could find). By ninth grade, in 1985, we had introduced a very primitive Casio keyboard to the mix.  The last of our recordings, from 1989, was somewhat more sophisticated, but still rudimentary.

Now, in 2015, the classic lineup of The Rockadudes returns with their first new music in 26 years!  Jason Beil!  Brian Linnen!  Colby Zell!  Jimmy K!  Below is the first single and video from their upcoming album, Numah Lenium, to be released later this year.  If you enjoy it, like our Facebook page.